Conferences, Workshops, and Tutorials

This is a reminder that many deadlines for summer conference registration are coming up, and attendance is a very good idea.

  1. It’s entirely reasonable for anyone to visit a conference once, even when they don’t have a paper. For students, visiting a conference is almost a ‘must’—there is no where else that a broad cross-section of research is on display.
  2. Workshops are also a very good idea. ICML has 11, KDD has 9, and AAAI has 19. Workshops provide an opportunity to get a good understanding of some current area of research. They are probably the forum most conducive to starting new lines of research because they are so interactive.
  3. Tutorials are a good way to gain some understanding of a long-standing direction of research. They are generally more coherent than workshops. ICML has 7 and AAAI has 15.