Machine Learning the Future

This is class 1pm-2:15pm Mondays in Spring 2017 at Cornell Tech and Cornell about the frontier of machine learning. Each class is lecture and discussion around a chosen topic. I would like each student to leave with an understanding of the topic deep enough to think about the next step.

The class will cover topics broadly related to reinforcement learning including contextual bandits, imitation learning, and exploration as well as other select topics drawn from online learning, optimization, boosting, parallelization, logarithmic prediction, active learning, representation. Logistically, we'll use zoom in addition to a video link.

January 30: cancelled (My voice is not working)
Feburary 6: ML the Future slides, Generalization slides, background reading, and a zoom recording.
February 13: probably cancelled
Feburary 20: No class (February break)
Feburary 27: Learning from Exploration Data. How do you most effectively use exploration data to learn a good policy?
March 6: Getting Exploration Data. What are the best known strategies for getting exploration data?
March 13: Imitation Learning (and variants). Incorporating advice from people is enormously helpful.
March 20: Global Exploration. How, when, and why do you plan to explore?
March 27: TBD
April 3: no class(Spring break)
April 10: TBD
April 17: TBD
April 24: TBD
May 1: TBD
May 8: TBD