ICML 2016 videos and statistics

The ICML 2016 videos are out.

I also wanted to share some statistics from registration that might be of general interest.

The total number of people attending: 3103.

Industry: 47% University: 46%

Male: 83% Female: 14%

Local (NY, NJ, or CT): 27%

North America: 70% Europe: 18% Asia: 9% Middle East: 2% Remainder: <1% including 2 from Antarctica 🙂

10 Replies to “ICML 2016 videos and statistics”

  1. what is the registration code? I only got confirmation number which doesn’t work.

  2. Are the videos only being made available to people who registered for the conference?

  3. The videos are working for me. However, the stochastic gradient descent tutorial seems to be missing the majority of the tutorial (only the first 15 minutes are there). Is there any chance of this being fixed?

    1. How do you watch those oral videos? It still not working for me.

      1. Actually it’s only the tutorials that are working. I think the oral presentations are still being vetted before being released.

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