Interesting things at NIPS 2015

NIPS is getting big. If you think of each day as a conference crammed into a day, you get a good flavor of things. Here are some of the interesting things I saw.

Two other notable events happened during NIPS.

  1. The Imagenet challenge and MS COCO results came out. The first represents a significant improvement over previous years (details here).
  2. The Open AI initiative started. Concerned billionaires create a billion dollar endowment to advance AI in a public(NOT Private) way. What will be done better than NSF (which has a similar(ish) goal)? I can think of many possibilities.

See also Seb’s post.

4 Replies to “Interesting things at NIPS 2015”

  1. I think the first entry should be commented as “attention + LSTM + a standard dataset + a SotA parser = a good parser”…
    Not that impressive from an NLP point of view.

    1. That was pretty true with last year’s paper, but this paper looks better to me unless they left some result out.

      Looking at Table 1, it looks like they are about 1.3% behind the best-known result using just WSJ data on WSJ 23. That’s a good-if-not SotA parser.

      Adding in the SotA parser(s) to label a high confidence set, they end up .4% better than the best result listed.

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