Remote large scale learning class participation

Yann and I have arranged so that people who are interested in our large scale machine learning class and not able to attend in person can follow along via two methods.

  1. Videos will be posted with about a 1 day delay on techtalks. This is a side-by-side capture of video+slides from Weyond.
  2. We are experimenting with Piazza as a discussion forum. Anyone is welcome to subscribe to Piazza and ask questions there, where I will be monitoring things. update2: Sign up here.

The first lecture is up now, including the revised version of the slides which fixes a few typos and rounds out references.

7 Replies to “Remote large scale learning class participation”

  1. Thanks for sharing your Course!
    Its really interesting to follow the videos.
    It is possible to enter into the Piazza forum without having a NYU email?
    Best and thanks again

    1. Thanks. It turns out that you need an ‘access code’ to sign up, now in the post above. Please go ahead and do so.

        1. Piazza is turning out to be much more frustrating than I realized. A fix for this is in the works.

          1. No rush.. Piazza access would be a plus.. but with the videos i am more than happy!
            best regards and thanks again for sharing

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