2007 Summer Machine Learning Conferences

It’s conference season once again.

Conference Due? When? Where? double blind? author feedback? Workshops?
AAAI February 1/6 (and 27) July 22-26 Vancouver, British Columbia Yes Yes Done
UAI February 28/March 2 July 19-22 Vancouver, British Columbia No No No
COLT January 16 June 13-15 San Diego, California (with FCRC) No No No
ICML February 7/9 June 20-24 Corvallis, Oregon Yes Yes February 16
KDD February 23/28 August 12-15 San Jose, California Yes No? February 28

The geowinner this year is the west coast of North America. Last year‘s geowinner was the Northeastern US, and the year before it was mostly Europe. It’s notable how tightly the conferences cluster, even when they don’t colocate.