Fall Machine Learning Events

Many Machine Learning related events are coming up this fall.

  1. September 9, abstracts for the New York Machine Learning Symposium are due. Send a 2 page pdf, if interested, and note that we:
    1. widened submissions to be from anybody rather than students.
    2. set aside a larger fraction of time for contributed submissions.
  2. September 15, there is a machine learning meetup, where I’ll be discussing terascale learning at AOL.
  3. September 16, there is a CS&Econ day at New York Academy of Sciences. This is not ML focused, but it’s easy to imagine interest.
  4. September 23 and later NIPS workshop submissions start coming due. As usual, there are too many good ones, so I won’t be able to attend all those that interest me. I do hope some workshop makers consider ICML this coming summer, as we are increasing to a 2 day format for you. Here are a few that interest me:
    1. Big Learning is about dealing with lots of data. Abstracts are due September 30.
    2. The Bayes Bandits workshop. Abstracts are due September 23.
    3. The Personalized Medicine workshop
    4. The Learning Semantics workshop. Abstracts are due September 26.
    5. The ML Relations workshop. Abstracts are due September 30.
    6. The Hierarchical Learning workshop. Challenge submissions are due October 17, and abstracts are due October 21.
    7. The Computational Tradeoffs workshop. Abstracts are due October 17.
    8. The Model Selection workshop. Abstracts are due September 24.
  5. October 16-17 is the Singularity Summit in New York. This is for the AIists and only peripherally about ML.
  6. October 16-21 is a Predictive Analytics World in New York. As machine learning goes industrial, we see industrial-style conferences rapidly developing.
  7. October 21, there is the New York ML Symposium. In addition to what’s there, Chris Wiggins is looking into setting up a session for startups and those interested in them to get to know each other, as last year.
  8. Decembr 16-17 NIPS workshops in Granada, Spain.

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  1. Getting at the abstract submission info for the ML symposium is a bit annoying. Below are the relevant bits for submission:

    This symposium aims to build a community of scientists in all areas of machine learning from the NYC area’s academic, 
    government, and industrial institutions by convening and promoting the exchange of ideas in a collegial setting. 
    Presentations will include invited talks and posters. 
    We encourage the submission of abstracts that are in keeping with this objective. Submitted abstracts should be at 
    most 2 pages in length, Times Roman, 11 font, single spaced and sent as a pdf file. A subset of abstracts will be 
    selected to be presented as a poster (30 inches high by 40 inches wide) at the meeting. We encourage students, 
    postdocs, and more senior investigators from academia, government, and the private sector to participate in the 
    poster session. Submissions that have been presented elsewhere are allowed.
    Electronic submission of abstracts is required and should be sent to physicalscience@nyas.org with Machine Learning 
    Poster Submission in the subject line. Include contact information and job title (Graduate Student, Post-doctoral 
    Researcher, Research Scientist, etc.) of the poster presenter within the body of the email. Submissions must be 
    received by 11:59 pm Eastern time on September 9, 2011. Receipt will be confirmed via electronic mail. Accepted 
    abstracts will be notified by October 6, 2011.
    Several abstract submitters will be invited to present their submitted paper in the poster session and also orally at 
    the conference. Based on these 5-minute “Spotlight” talks, a “best student paper” will be chosen. The student 
    winner will be announced at the end of the day-long symposium. 

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