Luis has released Peekaboom a successor to ESPgame (game site). The purpose of the game is similar—using the actions of people playing a game to gather data helpful in solving AI.

Peekaboom gathers more detailed, and perhaps more useful, data about vision. For ESPgame, the byproduct of the game was mutually agreed upon labels for common images. For Peekaboom, the location of the subimage generating the label is revealed by the game as well. Given knowledge about what portion of the image is related to a label it may be more feasible learn to recognize the appropriate parts.

There isn’t a dataset yet available for this game as there is for ESPgame, but hopefully a significant number of people will play and we’ll have one to work wtih soon.

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  1. [PhotoShoot] Teach Computer to Watch a Photo

    Dear all,

    We are master students from National Taiwan University. Recently, our lab (CMLAB) initiate a new project to teach Computer how to watch a photo like human. By your playing our game, you make computer smarter.

    Before starting to play, you may need an account. The account is just used for high score list calculation. Besides, our game is develped with JAVA, therefore, you may need to intall JRE before playing if you didn’t install it ever. You can find specific details through our website.

    This game is easy and funny. Any login player will be connected to the other player through internet. When playing, you and your partner need to cooperate to gain points. Each of you will play a role, you may be a shooter or a targeter. Targeter will set target on the image and shooter will shoot the same image. Only when the targets are shot, both you gain scores. You can set targets by dragging with your mouse’s left button. You just click your left button to shoot. Scoring method is related to the setting and shooting order, and the target size. You can read our help to learn more.

    We sincerely invite you to join this prject. With your help, you make the Computer smarter. You can give us some suggesitons or opinions by our message board. Also you can contact me directly through
    my E-mail:

    If you like this game or think this is a meaningful project, please share it to your friends. We appreciate whatever you do. Thanks very much.

    Have a nice day!

    Best Regards,

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