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The Workshop on Cores, Clusters, and Clouds

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Alekh, John, Ofer, and I are organizing a workshop at NIPS this year on learning in parallel and distributed environments. The general interest level in parallel learning seems to be growing rapidly, so I expect quite a bit of attendance. Please join us if you are parallel-interested.

And, if you are working in the area of parallel learning, please consider submitting an abstract due Oct. 17 for presentation at the workshop.

2 Comments to “The Workshop on Cores, Clusters, and Clouds”
  1. Erik says:


    I’m interested in participating in the tutorials but I’m unable to attend.

    Will it be possible to participate in the tutorials online?

    • jl says:

      It depends on whether or not NIPS works with videolectures. I expect the answer is “yes”.

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