The Role of Workshops

A good workshop is often far more interesting than the papers at a conference. This happens because a workshop has a much tighter focus than a conference. Since you choose the workshops fitting your interest, the increased relevance can greatly enhance the level of your interest and attention. Roughly speaking, a workshop program consists of elements related to a subject of your interest. The main conference program consists of elements related to someone’s interest (which is rarely your own). Workshops are more about doing research while conferences are more about presenting research.

Several conferences have associated workshop programs, some with deadlines due shortly.

ICML workshops Due April 1
IJCAI workshops Deadlines Vary
KDD workshops Not yet finalized

Anyone going to these conferences should examine the workshops and see if any are of interest. (If none are, then maybe you should organize one next year.)

Conferences, Dates, Locations

Conference Locate Date
COLT Bertinoro, Italy June 27-30
AAAI Pittsburgh, PA, USA July 9-13
UAI Edinburgh, Scotland July 26-29
IJCAI Edinburgh, Scotland July 30 – August 5
ICML Bonn, Germany August 7-11
KDD Chicago, IL, USA August 21-24

The big winner this year is Europe. This is partly a coincidence, and partly due to the general internationalization of science over the last few years. With cuts to basic science in the US and increased hassle for visitors, conferences outside the US become more attractive. Europe and Australia/New Zealand are the immediate winners because they have the science, infrastructure, and english in place. China and India are possible future winners.