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2009 ICML discussion site

Mark Reid has setup a discussion site for ICML papers again this year and Monica Dinculescu has linked it in from the ICML site. Last year’s attempt appears to have been an acceptable but not wild success as a little bit of fruitful discussion occurred. I’m hoping this year will be a bit more of a success—please don’t be shy :-)

I’d like to also point out that ICML‘s early registration deadline has a few hours left, while UAI‘s and COLT‘s are in a week.

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  1. Alekh Agarwal says:

    Speaking of early registration deadlines, COLT registration seems to ask for full money even though early registration still applies. Same happened to me on day of ICML early deadline, and I assumed they had closed the deadline by EST or something. Looks like the website is broken afterall.

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