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Open Machine Learning Workshop, August 22

On August 22, we are planning to have an Open Machine Learning Workshop at MSR, New York City taking advantage of CJ Lin and others in town for KDD.

If you are interested, please email msrnycrsvp at and say “I want to come” so we can get a count of attendees for refreshments.

Added: Videos are now online.

8 Comments to “Open Machine Learning Workshop, August 22”
  1. Elena Zheleva says:

    I want to come

  2. Xiang Zhang says:

    This looks so nice! I bet people can learn a lot about where our machine learning software will go. What a pity that I am not back in New York until the 23rd….

  3. Ritesh says:

    Thanks for organizing the Workshop on Open Machine Learning (WOML/wormhole?). I sent an email, will there be an ack?

  4. Mike Noskov says:

    Thank you for organizing and delivering the ML workshop. Will presentation slides be posted for download? What about other presenters?

    • jl says:

      Some of the slides are up. The rest should be up next week, as well as streaming video.

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