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NYAS ML 2012 and ICML 2013

The New York Machine Learning Symposium is October 19 with a 2 page abstract deadline due September 13 via email with subject “Machine Learning Poster Submission” sent to Everyone is welcome to submit. Last year’s attendance was 246 and I expect more this year.

The primary experiment for ICML 2013 is multiple paper submission deadlines with rolling review cycles. The key dates are October 1, December 15, and February 15. This is an attempt to shift ICML further towards a journal style review process and reduce peak load. The “not for proceedings” experiment from this year’s ICML is not continuing.

Edit: Fixed second ICML deadline.

4 Comments to “NYAS ML 2012 and ICML 2013”
  1. Ravi Ganti says:

    You probably meant October 1, Dec 15, Feb 15.

  2. So, if I understood well, is it possible to submit a scientific paper to ICML2012 for October 1 deadline, for December 15 deadline, or for February 15 deadline?
    Is it up to the authors to decide in which period to submit?


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