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Conferences, Dates, Locations

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Conference Locate Date
COLT Bertinoro, Italy June 27-30
AAAI Pittsburgh, PA, USA July 9-13
UAI Edinburgh, Scotland July 26-29
IJCAI Edinburgh, Scotland July 30 – August 5
ICML Bonn, Germany August 7-11
KDD Chicago, IL, USA August 21-24

The big winner this year is Europe. This is partly a coincidence, and partly due to the general internationalization of science over the last few years. With cuts to basic science in the US and increased hassle for visitors, conferences outside the US become more attractive. Europe and Australia/New Zealand are the immediate winners because they have the science, infrastructure, and english in place. China and India are possible future winners.

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  1. […] The geowinner this year is the west coast of North America. Last year’s geowinner was the Northeastern US, and the year before it was mostly Europe. It’s notable how tightly the conferences cluster, even when they don’t colocate. […]

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