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Deadline Season

Many different paper deadlines are coming up soon so I made a little reference table. Out of curiosity, I also computed the interval between submission deadline and conference.

Conference Location Date Deadline interval
COLT Pittsburgh June 22-25 January 21 152
ICML Pittsburgh June 26-28 January 30/February 6 140
UAI MIT July 13-16 March 9/March 16 119
AAAI Boston July 16-20 February 16/21 145
KDD Philadelphia August 23-26 March 3/March 10 166

It looks like the northeastern US is the big winner as far as location this year.

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  1. […] The geowinner this year is the west coast of North America. Last year’s geowinner was the Northeastern US, and the year before it was mostly Europe. It’s notable how tightly the conferences cluster, even when they don’t colocate. […]

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