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Deadline Season, 2010

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Many conference deadlines are coming soon.

Deadline Double Blind / Author Feedback Time/Place
ICML January 18((workshops) / February 1 (Papers) / February 13 (Tutorials) Y/Y Haifa, Israel, June 21-25
KDD February 1(Workshops) / February 2&5 (Papers) / February 26 (Tutorials & Panels)) / April 17 (Demos) N/S Washington DC, July 25-28
COLT January 18 (Workshops) / February 19 (Papers) N/S Haifa, Israel, June 25-29
UAI March 11 (Papers) N?/Y Catalina Island, California, July 8-11

ICML continues to experiment with the reviewing process, although perhaps less so than last year.

The S “sort-of” for COLT is because author feedback occurs only after decisions are made.

KDD is notable for being the most comprehensive in terms of {Tutorials, Workshops, Challenges, Panels, Papers (two tracks), Demos}. The S for KDD is because there is sometimes author feedback at the decision of the SPC.

The (past) January 18 deadline for workshops at ICML is nominal, as I (as workshop chair) almost missed it myself and we have space for a few more workshops. If anyone is thinking “oops, I missed the deadline”, send in your proposal by Friday the 22nd.

This year, I’m an area chair for ICML and on the SPC for KDD. I hope to see interesting papers on plausibly useful learning theory (broadly interpreted) at each conference, as I did last year.

2 Comments to “Deadline Season, 2010”
  1. Marina Sapir says:

    I wonder, where should I submit my paper? It is about unsupervised ranking, applied in survival analysis. The approach has a twist: even though survival analysis problems have feedback data, I do not use approximation and no optimization is involved. I prove convergence of the method to the true latent risk order (under certain conditions), show superior generalization ability of the method on 6 real life survival analysis datasets. The work is done in some commercial company.
    What would you recommend?

  2. Justin says:

    UAI apparently will be double-blind again this year. (The website was updated a couple days ago.)

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