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2011 Summer Conference Deadline Season

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Machine learning always welcomes the new year with paper deadlines for summer conferences. This year, we have:

Conference Paper Deadline When/Where Double blind? Author Feedback? Notes
ICML February 1 June 28-July 2, Bellevue, Washington, USA Y Y Weak colocation with ACL
COLT February 11 July 9-July 11, Budapest, Hungary N N colocated with FOCM
KDD February 11/18 August 21-24, San Diego, California, USA N N
UAI March 18 July 14-17, Barcelona, Spain Y N

The larger conferences are on the west coast in the United States, while the smaller ones are in Europe.


Herman Goldstine 2011

Vikas points out the Herman Goldstine Fellowship at IBM. I was a Herman Goldstine Fellow, and benefited from the experience a great deal—that’s where work on learning reductions started. If you can do research independently, it’s recommended. Applications are due January 6.

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