Taming the T5

The panasonic T5 is a japanese exotic laptop with an absurd (15 hours claimed) battery life weighing 2.8 lbs. Does Linux work on this laptop? The answer is "yes".

These are my notes from installing Fedora Core 8, for which most things now work out of the box compared to the Fedora Core 5 Install. Also note Neal's Fedora Core 6 notes. This is a summary of details which may be helpful if you decide this is the laptop for you.

Current State

2 USB 2.0 portsWorkingInstallation via USB DVD
SpeakerWorkaroundIntel 82810G. The snd_hda_intel module should work, but it only outputs to the headphone jack.
VideoWorking"Intel Corporation Mobile Integrated Graphics Controller". Uses intel driver.
VGA outputWorkingI setup internal_display, external_display, and mirror scripts which use xrandr underneath.
Modem??Unable to test.
802.11WorkingWorking with iwl3945.
Bluetooth??Unable to test.
SD card??Unable to test.
Suspend to RAMWorkingVery Fast: About 7 seconds to suspend and 3 seconds to recover.
Suspend to DiskWorking.About 50 seconds to shutdown and 50 seconds to startup.
LCD Brightness controlWorkingInstall pcc-acpi-0.9 with this patch and use the brighten and darken scripts.
Hot buttons (Fn+F[1-10])Not workingBut functionality available via workarounds.

Installation Notes

  1. I tweaked the bios boot order so it boots off a USB CDROM before the hard drive. The install took place via a USB DVD drive.
  2. I did a standard install of fedora core 8. There are a few GB of unallocated free space beyond cylinder 6903. I did not touch it while repartitioning the main NTFS drive on the theory that it was a windows restoration partition, and then later converted it to a swap partition.
  3. After the install, I setup the network and used the direction here to setup yum repositories, then I executed 'yum -y update' and rebooted.

Detailed system information

lspci -vv

Related Info

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Is this a good laptop?

For me the answer is "yes". There are certain drawbacks: it doesn't have a built in CD/DVD drive and maybe the keyboard would confuse a hunt-and-peck typist. Neither of these bother me, so the combination of great batter life, sturdy construction, built-in wireless and low weight is exceptional. If you want to install linux on this machine, you probably want to have access to an expert at the install time.

If anyone knows more about how to remove the disadvantages, please email jl@hunch.net.