Yan Beygelzimer

Principal Researcher, Dr. Sci.
High Pressure Physics and Advanced Technology
Donetsk Institute for Physics and Technology
Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences
72 Luxemburg Street
83114 Donetsk, Ukraine

Professor of Materials Science
Donetsk National Technical University
Phone:   +38-062-304-81-61  
Email:   yanbeygel(at)gmail.com

Research Interests: Material Forming, Solid Mechanics, Multiscale Modeling, Ultrafine-Grained Materials, Nanomaterials, Severe Plastic Deformations, Powder Metallurgy.

Selected Publications (recent papers available online)

Geometry and Physics of Plastic Deformation (pps, in Russian) (pdf), Высокие Давления-2012, Судак, Крым, September 2012

Simple Shear: Double-Stage Deformation (slides, ppt), The 5th International Conference on Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation (NanoSPD5), March 2011

Project pages:
Severe Plastic Deformations, Twist Extrusion
Large Plastic Deformations and Ductile Fracture of Polycrystals: Multiscale Modeling
Metal Forming
Mechanics of Powder and Porous Materials
Mechanics of Polymers
Applied Modelling
Theory of Plasticity
Metal Forming Theory
Systems Analysis of Metal Forming
Ultrafinegrained and Nanomaterials