Selected Presentations
Geometry and Physics of Plastic Deformation (in Russian) (pps, pdf), Высокие Давления-2012, Судак, Крым, September 2012.

Properties of Twist Extrusion and Its Potential for Severe Plastic Deformation (ppt, pdf), August 2007.

Grain Refinement and Viscous Fracture of Metals during Severe Plastic Deformation: Mathematical Simulation (ppt, pdf), 2004.

Applications of Twist Extrusion (ppt, pdf), 2005.

How to Make Strong Metals With High Ductility? (ppt, pdf), 2005.

On some models in metal forming: From continuum mechanics to mirco-mechanics and back (ppt, pdf), 2002.

A new severe plastic deformation technique: Twist Extrusion (ppt, pdf), 2002.

Whirls and mixing in twist extrusion (in Russian) (ppt, pdf), 2006.