Why to not use Speakeasy

I recently learned why speakeasy is not a good choice for an ISP.

In September 2002, I started service with DSLI in Westchester county. The contract was for a one year term which fit perfectly with my moving plans. I December 2002, DSLI decided to discontinue service in the new york area, so they switched me over to speakeasy. The switch went smoothly, and aside from a slightly higher rate, service was as before.

About August 31 2003, I ended service with speakeasy. They chose to try and charge me for an extra 4 months (through December 2003) based upon the theory that I had agreed to a full year contract with them. I never explicitly agreed to such a contract. There was no clicking "I agree", there was no signature, etc... When challenged on this, they claimed that I had implicitly agreed by paying the first month's installment. I find it unreasonable and implausible that an arbitrary implicit contract is binding.

For reference, here are the contents of my speakeasy mail folder. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 As a simple summary, none of these emails say anything about contracts.