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ICML accepted papers and early registration

The accepted papers are up in full detail. We are still struggling with the precise program itself, but that’s coming along. Also note the May 13 deadline for early registration and room booking.

2 Comments to “ICML accepted papers and early registration”
  1. Christoph Lampert says:

    I know that was good reasons, but let me just say that I am sad that the concept “Every paper has a talk”, which was what made ICML unique, has been given up for this year. 5 Minutes is not a talk, it’s a big spotlight.
    I just hope this will not be a permanent installation, but that next year’s chairs will find a different solution, let it be one minute less for every speaker, another parallel session, an extra day, fewer papers… Just anything…

    • Anonymous says:

      How many papers fall in the “big spotlight” category? If this number is small, I would second the Christoph’s suggestion.

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